Macarena’s videos

Macarena’s (music) videos are all created independently. Which means she’s in charge of concept, shooting and editing. For the track Manana she has worked together with her brother who filmed the fragments. She then edited the visualizer herself. The other music videos were done in collaboration with Michael from Micha Productions. He has shot and edited ‘Slow Down’, ‘Feel Good’, ‘Sun Rise’ and ‘Nadie Como Tú’. 

In 2021 Macarena collaborated with Pavel Khvaleev, creating her first Dance track and adding to Macarena’s videos. It is packed with sublime progressive melodies that emphasize a more modern direction for Pavel. That together with enticing lyrics and edgy vocals make a killer combination. You can watch the video below. 

Want to know more about ‘Manana’? Click here to listen to the track and here to read about it. Check out her YouTube channel for her latest videos.