Macarena’s Music

Want to listen to Macarena’s music? You have come to the right place! On this page you will find Macarena’s collection of singles and her debut EP. All of these projects explore a different side of neosoul, R&B and alternative (latin) pop. Some of her songs are upbeat, creating a happy and energetic feel, while others dig deeper into her emotions creating a slower tempo that feels relaxed and safe. 

All of Macarena’s music comes from a personal space and are either personal experiences or experiences that she’s seen and heard about. Music is her ultimate gateway to self-exploration. Have fun exploring her catalogue. To learn more about Macarena, a neosoul singer-songwriter in Amsterdam, you can also click here or follow along on Instagram.


This song is about creating your own freedom and the mental/physical fight to do so. It shows the pain one can go through when accepting oneself and showing who you are to the world. 

Mood: soft, emotional and honest. 

Language: Spanish.


This song is an inner-dialog about coming out and the relationships lost during that process. The lyrics explain the drive and desire to create a home of your own – your own paradise. 

Mood: calm, reflective yet mad. 

Language: English.


This song is about trying to fit into what someone else wants for your life and taking that power back. It acknowledges the tears shed and celebrates choosing to love yourself. 

Mood: energetic, powerful and playful. 

Language: Spanish and English


This song is sheds light on a romantic relationship that’s close to its end. It’s that feeling you get when you know you don’t belong with the other person, but aren’t ready to break things off yet. 

Mood: flowy, catchy and soft anxious.

Language: Spanish.

Something new

This song has a smooth sound and talks about living in the now. It’s about letting go of anxious thoughts and going with the flow as well as it is about expanding ones believes and accepting the new. 

Mood: groovy, neosoul and smooth. 

Language: English.


When a person was never your lover, but you loved them very deeply and know it’s time to break things off – that is what this song is about. It’s about pointing fingers at the other person, knowing it’s a 2-way street.

Mood: playful, heartbreak and blaming. 

Language: Spanish and English


Rebirth is Macarena’s first EP. Every song brings you on a journey about depression. Having struggled with her mental health in her early 20’s she decided to transform it into something beautiful – a rebirth.

Mood: powerful, upbeat and dark. 

Language: English.

Lie (Remix)

Lie is about heartbreak. It’s about seeing someone in their glory to later realize they aren’t all you made them up to be. In a collaboration with Blue Wednesday this song got a new refresh twist. 

Mood: lo-fi, melancholic and cool. 

Language: English.

Mind (Remix)

Macarena grew up in a religious household. Mind is her only track about her relationship with God. It shows the dynamic she felt  during the time she wrote it. Glimlip gave the track a new groovy sound. 

Mood: danceable, groovy, playful. 

Language: English

Nadie como tu

Macarena’s first song in Spanish is called ‘Nadie como tu’. It’s also her first queer song even though the lyrics don’t necessarily point that out. It’s about young adolescent love. 

Mood: soft, playful and happy.

Language: Spanish.


During a time when Macarena was depressed she challenged herself to write something happy. Something she didn’t feel at the time, but wanted to. Celebrate is a little victory, a little glimmer of hope. 

Mood: hopeful, low-key and positive. 

Language: English.


Macarena grew up going to church. However, she rediscovered her relationship with God during her early 20’s. That’s when this song was written. The song shows how Macarena’s relationship with God was at the time. 

Mood: gloomy, soft and calm. 

Language: English