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About Macarena

Amsterdam independent artist Macarena blends neo soul, chill R&B and alternative pop with a touch of latin and thoughtful lyrics. She discovered her love for music while listening to jazz with her dad and developed her writing skills by writing poems during her teen years. As Macarena evolved these skills she released her first track in 2017 called 'Mind' (prod. by RINZ.). Macarena went on to release her debut EP 'Rebirth' in 2018 and followed it up with multiple single releases, of which 'Something New' (prod. by Lady Groove) earned her her first spot on Spotify editorial playlists New Music Friday Latin, Are & Be Latin and Fresh Finds.

Macarena’s goal is to create a lyrical safe space for her listeners, writing music about self-doubt, jealousy and letting go - all tight in with her LGBTQ experiences. Her new release, called ‘Patience’ is out now! Click here to find it on all streaming platforms.

You can reach out to her via Instagram or email at macarenabookings@gmail.com. Pictures shot and edited by Darnell Rozenblad. Producers she has worked with are: Lady Groove, RINZ. and maars.

What blogs are saying

I could listen to this artist’s voice all day. There is such delicacy in her delivery, yet at the same time you can sense the power behind it. - Published on Indie Top 39 (read more)

The beat is undeniable and musically, it fits in nicely with what one can hear Doja Cat and SZA doing on the US charts. Only Macarena has an edge to her in that “Mañana” is truly unlike those in that she flexes her lyricism in Spanish as she tells the tale of the highs and lows of an LGBTQ couple as they experience both love and the downside that jealousy can bring.Published by Rising Artist (read more)

The single itself is beautifully arranged, the vocals gorgeous with smooth harmonics and layered vocals making the song incredibly catchy. The introduction only containing an intimate combination of vocals and an electric guitar. - Published by The Artist Central (read more)

While I do not understand the language as it is sung in Spanish, I do understand the intimacy in the track. With an underlying sensuality, Macarena adds a moving element to the enchanting single. Noted as tapping “into love and the role of jealousy herein”, ‘Mañana’ is a kaleidoscopic soundscape of edgy lyricism, passionate attitudes and haunting melancholy. - Published by The Otherside Reviews (read more)

Lyrically, the artist remains as thoughtful as ever. Macarena writes with flair. Captivating from beginning to end. - Published on Le Future Wave (read more)

Feel good is a really top tune which demonstrates her superb vocal range perfectly. We love this song! A powerful voice, a powerful composition, a powerful video. This is well worth your time today! - Published on The Sound Sniffer (read more)